We design and develop embedded systems according to the specific needs of our customers in the industrial and service sectors.

An on-board system is defined as an autonomous electronic and computer system, operating in real time, specialized in a very precise task. The term refers to both the hardware and the software used. Its resources are generally limited by spatial constraints (small size) and energy (limited consumption)

We make all the installations communicate with each other, whatever their communication protocols, and supervise them from all available media: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT) in industry

From workshops and sites to decision-making positions, tools and equipment are now networked to become interconnected. Through sensors, detectors and other tracking devices, machines and operators are collecting ever-increasing amounts of data, the management, analysis and operation of which are huge challenges for businesses.

By giving birth to smart factories, the Internet of Things brings a lot of promise in terms of
productivity, quality, performance and safety.

IoT applied in industry